Little Red Riding Hood doll
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1. Brown and red embroidery floss
2. Yarn: dark gold scrap of red
3. Cotton fabric: small amounts of floral print, plain white, white stretch, white organdy, checkered scrap
4. White lace, 2 yds.
5. Red wool jersey, 12" x 16"
6. Two pompons from red ball fringe
7. Felt: red and gold
8. Narrow white ribbon

1. Embroider brown eyes, red mouth.
2. For hair, cut 37" strands and arrange in two layers across back of head; stitch down center. Tack hair to each side on back of head. Bring strands from one side over top of head and down opposite side; repeat with strands on other side. Arrange on top and front of head; sew across to continue part line to front.
3. Braid at sides for 1/2"; tack at this point; cut strands off 1" from tacking. Tie on ribbons.
4. Cut five 2" strands; tack at midpoint to forehead for bangs.

1. Cut two panties of dotted Swiss. Sew together from A to B and B to C, both front and back.
2. Hem legs and waist and gather at waist to fit.
3. Edge with lace.

1. Cut dotted Swiss 2 1/2" x 20" and sew ends together.
2. Hem edges; sew lace around one edge, gather other edge to fit doll's waist.

1. Cut dress top of floral fabric (all one piece).
2. Sew underarm and side seams.
3. Slash down center back at half-pattern line.
4. Hem neck and sleeve edges.
5. Sew lace around neck.
6. Cut skirt of floral fabric 2 3/4" x 20".
7. Hem one edge; gather and sew other edge to dress top.
8. Trim with red and yellow rickrack and lace edge.
9. Put dress on doll; overlap back edges and sew closed.

1. For. apron, cut organdy 2 1/4 1 x 9".
2. Hem one long edge and and ends.
3. Gather raw edge to 3 1/2".
4. For ties and waistband, cut organdy 1 1/2" x 21".
5. Hem; fold in half lengthwise, placing gathered edge of apron between fold at center.
6. Stitch waistband to apron.
7. Sew folded edges of ties together.

1. Cut two stockings of white stretch fabric.
2. Fold each in half with right sides facing; sew bottom and side edges together. Turn to right side.
3. Turn top edge under; tack to leg.

1. For shoes. cut upper and sole (use Jack's pattern) of red felt.
2. Whip ends of uppers together and sole to upper.

1. Cut cape of red jersey.
2. Fold in half along half-pattern line and sew seam at top to form pointed hood.
3. Hem all edges.
4. With large-eyed needle threaded with red yarn, make running stitch along dotted line; pull yarn to gather hood, and tie into bow.
5. Tack a pompon at ends.

1. Cut I gold felt basket.
2. Cut into corners at solid lines; fold at dash lines and tack corners. Stuff with cotton and cover with checkered fabric.
3. Tack fabric to basket.
4. For handle, cut gold felt 1/4" x 4; tack ends to sides of basket.
5. Glue handle around wrist.