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Yarn: knitting worsted: Jockey red, eggshell, 1 ounce each; white, 2 ounces; pink, small amount
Crochet hooks: steel, No. 9; size F for size 2-3; H for size 4-5; or J for size 6-7
Wiggle eyes, shank, 15mm round Button, shank, 19mm round, pink
Needles: yarn; darning
Miscellaneous items: ruler; scissors; safety pins

Use the size F, H, or J hook unless otherwise specified.
Do not join rnds unless otherwise specified but mark the beg of each with a safety pin.
To change colors, work sc until 2 lps rem on hook; drop old color and draw new color through 2 lps on hook.
To carry a color, hold the yarn on the wrong side and catch it as you crochet with the new color.
To make the double loop st (d lp st), wrap yarn around finger, inserting hook in 1st. st, then through loops. Draw loops through stitch; 3 lps will be on hook, then work as follows: yo over finger twice, insert hook into first st then into two finger wraps.
Remove wraps from finger, yo hook once, pull yo lp through 2 wraps and st on hook, yo, and pull through rem 2 lps on hook.

Ch 2 with red. Rnd 1 (right side): Work 8 sc in 2nd ch from hook. (8)
Rnds 2-5: Work even.
Rnd 6: 2 sc in 1st sc, sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc. (10)
Rnds 7-9: Work even. End off and set aside.
Repeat to make thumb for other mitten.

To crochet the mitten, ch 2 with red. Beg at fingertip. Rnd 1 (right side): Work 8 sc in 2nd ch from hook. (8)
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around. (16)
Rnd 3: Work even.
Rnd 4: (Sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc) 4 times. (20)
Rnd 5: Work even.
Rnd 6: (Sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc) 4 times. (24)
Rnd 7: Work even.
Rnd 8: (Sc in next 5 sc, 2 sc in next sc) 4 times. (28)
Rnd 9: Work even.

With red, sc in next 15 sc; tie on eggshell (carry red) and sc in next 13 sc. (15 red and 13 eggshell sc)
Rnds 11-14: Sc around, using eggshell in eggshell sts and red in red sts. Carry yarn not in use. (15 red and 13 eggshell sc)
Rnd 15: Rep Rnd 14, attaching the underside of the thumb to the red palm as follows: Left Mitten: With tip of thumb toward fingertip of mitten, lay the last 5 sts of the thumb directly on top of the first 5 sts of the red palm. *Work through wrong side of thumb sts and right side of palm sts.*
Right Mitten: Lay the last 5 sts of the thumb directly on top of the last 5 sts of the red palm. Rep between *'s of left mitten.
Rnd 16: Rep Rnd 14, attaching the top side of the thumb to the red palm as follows: Left Mitten: At beg of rnd, sc in each of rem 5 sts of thumb.
Right Mitten: At end of red, sc in each of rem 5 sts of thumb.
Rnds 17-19: Rep Rnd 14. Join with a red sl st. End off both colors.

Rnd 20 (cuff: Work in back lps only. Right side facing, join white with a sl st in the back lp of the 1st red sc, ch 1, sc in same sc as join, sc in next 27 sc. (28) Note: Join all rnds with a sl st.
Rnd 21: Working through both lps, work 1 d lp st in each st around. (28)
Rnd 22: Sc in each sc around.
Rnds 23-27: Rep Rnds 21 and 22 alternately; end with Rnd 21.
Rnd 28: (Sc in next 5 sts; dec 1 over next 2 sts) 4 times. (24) End off.
To outline face and hide color changes, work the trim directly on red sts adjacent to eggshell; work the first 10 and last 10 sts around individual sts of Rnds 10-19.
With cuff facing you, beg at lower left edge of face and join white yarn around red sc of Rnd 19.
Row 1: Ch 1 (counts as 1st sl st); working upward, *(sl st around red st of next rnd)* 9 times; sl st around posts of red sc in Rnd 9; on right side of face working downward, rep between *'s 10 times; ch 1, turn. (34 sl sts)
Row 2: Working in front lps only, sc in each st; ch 1, turn. (34)
Row 3: Working in back lps only, d lp st in each st; ch 1, turn.
Row 4: Sl st in each st. End off.

Ch 2 with pink. Make two per mitten.
Rnd 1: (right side): Work 8 sc in 2nd ch from hook.
Rnd 2: Sc in each sc; sl st in 1st sc. End off, leaving an 18-inch tail.

To finish, thread the shank of each eye and button nose with eggshell yarn as follows: Fold a 10-inch piece in half. Draw the loop through the shank of the button with the No. 9 hook and center it on the doubled yarn. Repeat to thread each eye onto two more 10-inch pieces of yarn.
To attach nose to face, thread one end of yarn through yarn needle and pull it from front to back on one side of 7th eggshell st in Rnd 14. Repeat with other end, pulling it through on other side of stitch. Knot and cut ends close.
Repeat to attach eyes, placing them in Rnd 14 over the 4th and 10th eggshell sts.
To sew on each cheek, use the darning needle and the 18-inch yarn tail. Position cheek and work outline stitch through the back lps of Rnd 1 and the face. See the Step 7 illustration.
To embroider the mouth, use the yarn nee dle, a 9-inch piece of red, and the couching stitch. See the Step 8 illustration. Come up from wrong side by one cheek in Rnd 17, and go back down to wrong side by other cheek Couch the center of the line downward to form a smile.
To make the mustache, fold four 12-inch pieces of white in half to form a lp. Insert hook from front to back to front around the center 7th eggshell sc of Rnd 16 and draw lp through. Drop lp from hook and cut open. Center the yarn around the sc and knot it on right side of work. Separate the strands of yarn and thread each strand of yarn to wrong side, draping it around the curve of the cheek. On wrong side, arrange strands in pairs. Square knot each pair; cut ends close to knots.

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