Santa & Mrs. Claus
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Materials Needed here
Santa's Body here
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1. To make each doll, trace the patterns onto tracing paper and cut from appropriate fabrics. Mark placement dot and stitching lines with the water-soluble marker.
2. For the legs, cut two 7x 6 l/2 inch pieces from muslin for Santa and two 7 x 6 1/2 inch pieces from red and white stripe, with the stripe running vertically, for Mrs. Claus.
3. For the arms, cut two 6 1/2 x 5 inch pieces from muslim per doll
4. For the nose, cut a two inch circle from soft sculpture fabric per doll.
5. Sew all pieces with right sides together using a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

1. Cut a 20 inch circle of muslin for the body.
2. Tie a string to the pencil so it measures 20 inches from pencil to end.
3. Hold end of string in center of muslin and stretch string to its full length, and draw a 20 inch circle; cut out.
4. Following the step 2 illustration, mark arm and leg placement.
5. To make the legs and feet, sew front and bottom seams on each shoe. Sew top of shoes to bottom of legs. Fold leg/shoe in half length- wise and stitch back seam of shoe and leg, leaving a l/4 inch opening 1 inch from top. Fold legs with front and back seams in center and stitch across top. Turn to right side.
6. Sew hands to arms. Fold with seam in center and finish as for legs. Turn to right side.
7. Place legs and arms on body circle. Refer to the step 4a illustration.
8. Place legs with back seam up and stitch close to top edge.
9. Place arms with thumbs out and stitch close to top edge.
10. Place 2 cups of dry beans in plastic bag and knot or twist tie close to beans.
11. Place bag of beans in center of quilt batting. Pull up edges of batting and tie with quilting thread.
12. Place body circle wrong side up with bag of beans in center. Fold circle in half with bag between layers and limbs dangling down. See step 4a.
13. Starting at one side at arm and using a needle and two strands of quilting thread, gather along circle edges to top center. See the step 4b illustration.
14. Pull gathers tight and knot, but do not cut thread. Stuff the gathered side firmly with fiberfill.
15. Continue gathering the rest of the circle, leaving enough open at other side to finish stuffing.
16. When body is completely stuffed, finish gathering. Pull gathers tight and knot thread. See the step 4c illustration. Gathered area should be 2 1/2 inches across and body should be 24 inches around middle.
17. Squeeze body to make it taller. Cut 1 yard of white yarn and fold it in half. Wrap yarn around body under arms and 3 inches from neck gathers and pull tightly so body measures 16 inches around middle.
18. Knot yarn securely and adjust body so arms are at sides. Cut excess yarn.
19. Stuff legs and shoes firmly up to within 3 1/2 inches from the top. Lightly stuff the rest of legs and slipstitch opening. Stitch across legs at the 3 1/2 inch mark.
20. Repeat for arms and hands, stitching 2 3/4 inches from top.
21. To sculpt the fingers, use soft-sculpture needle and quilting thread. Insert needle through palm of hand. Wrap thread around hand at thumb and reinsert needle, coming out on top. Pull thread tightly.
22. Repeat, ending with needle on top.
23. Insert needle into thumb dot and come out on top at first finger dot. Wrap thread over end of hand, insert needle into palm at first finger dot, and come out on top at dot. Repeat.
24. Repeat to sculpt each finger, tightly wrapping thread twice for each one.
25. Stitch darts in front and back head pieces.
26. Pin ears to front. Place head pieces together and stitch, leaving opening at top.
27. Clip chin area and turn to right side. Stuff firmly with fiberfill and slipstitch opening.
28. To sculpt the face, thread soft sculpture needle with long quilting thread. Insert needle behind ear and exit at eye dot.
39. Insert needle in eye position and exit 1/8 inch down at corner of mouth. Insert needle at corner mouth dot and exit at eye dot. Pull thread slightly to form cheeks.
30. Repeat two or three times to hold cheeks in place, ending with needle at corner of mouth.
31. Carry thread across mouth, insert needle at other corner dot and exit at eye dot. Repeat two or three times ending with needle at eye dot.
32. Insert needle at eye position and exit behind other ear. Knot and cut thread.
33. Rethread needle, insert it at bottom of head, and exit at center of mouth. Bring thread over mouth thread and back through center of mouth to bottom of head. Pull thread to make the mouth form a V shape. Knot and cut thread.
34. Rethread needle and gather around nose piece. Place a marble size piece of fiberfill in center and pull up gathers tightly to form a round nose. Slipstitch nose to center of face.
35. Sew head to body, covering gathers at top of body. Stitch around head several times.
36. To finish head, blush cheeks and glue on eyes. Tack small pieces of fiberfill for eyebrows.
37. Follow the step 9a illustration to make the eyeglasses using 13 inches of gold wire. Find center of 13 in. piece and make a 3/4 inch circle 1 inch from center on each side. For perfect circles. wrap wire around a glue stick. Tack glasses to face at bottom of circles and top of nose.
38. Bend ear pieces to fit sides of head and tack in place.
39. To make the eyelashes, thread sculpting needle with one strand of black embroidery floss. Insert needle at side of head, exit at outer corner of eye, and make two stitches; exit at side of head. Knot and cut thread. Repeat for other eye. See the step 9b illustration.