About 2 1/2" high
Picture here, here and here
Pattern pieces here

Nylon and wool fingering yarn, small amount yellow.
Pipe cleaner.
Scraps of yellow and dark brown or black felt.
All-purpose glue.

Wind yarn 115 times around a 2" piece of cardboard.
Remove cardboard. Place a 21/2" piece of pipe cleaner across yarn; tie tightly around center.
Bend pipe cleaner ends to form legs.
Cut loops and trim into a ball, leaving back strands longer to form a tail.

Wind yarn 75 times around a 1" piece of cardboard.
Remove cardboard; tie tightly around center.
Cut loops and trim into a ball.

Part yarn slightly in front of body and glue head to body.
Glue five 4" strands of yarn, folded in half, to each side of body for wings.
Glue two small pieces of black or brown felt to head for eyes.
Complete half-patterns indicated by dash lines.
Using pats and yellow felt: cut beak; fold in half on solid line and glue to front of head.
Cut two leg and foot pieces as one; cut two separate bottom foot pieces, cutting out at dotted line.
Fold leg in half lengthwise, slitting felt slightly on each side near foot.
Glue around pipe cleaner legs.
With cleaner between, glue bottom foot to upper foot.

Make and assemble same as chicks.
Tie head off center to make head more oval.
Cut legs, feet and bill as for chicks, following the duckling patterns.

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