Here is a picture of Rudolph made by little hands.

You will need:
1. Black, brown, blue construction paper
2. Craft glue
3. Red pom pom
4. Pencil
5. Scissors

1. For the frame, cut a square of blue paper of any size.
2. Cut a larger square of black paper, for the outside of the frame, making an opening for the picture.
3. With brown paper, trace around your foot (or any foot at all) for Rudolph's face. Cut it out.
4. With black paper, trace around your hand (make two) for the antlers. Cut them out.
5. Cut bits of black paper for the eyes and nostrils and glue onto face.
6. Glue a red pom pom in place for the nose.
7. Glue the antlers in place under the top of the head. Rudolph is now ready to be framed!
8. Place him in the frame as you wish and glue. Be sure to hang him where Santa will see him!

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