Here is a picture of The Three Wisemen made by little hands.

You will need:
1. Seven different colors of felt (you can get a package of assorted felt
pieces at the dollar store).
2. Sparkles & sequins
3. Craft glue
4. String
5. Dowel
6. Scissors

1. Cut three circles for the faces - one white, one brown and one tan.
2. Cut three hats (see picture) out of purple, yellow and blue felt.
3. Cut three triangles for their robes to match the hats.
4. Cut a piece of black felt in the shape of a rectangle for the background.
5. Fold it over the dowel by about 1 1/2 inches and glue together at back.
6. Tie a string to either side of the dowel for hanging.
7. Make the wiseman in the middle first by glueing the yellow triangle (point facing up) to the bottom of the black background.
8. Next, glue the brown face over the point.
9. Glue the hat on next.
10. Overlapping on both sides, make the other two wisemen the same way. See picture.
11. Glue sprinkles to the robes and glue a sequin on each hat.
12. Hang up your beautiful masterpiece for everyone to enjoy!

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